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[Guide] What can I roleplay today? Empty [Guide] What can I roleplay today?

Post  Angel" Dreamer "Rojas on Thu May 26, 2011 12:38 am

Exactly what it says on the tin since some people lack diversity in their roleplay, which leads to things becoming tedious and more often than not, people leave their character or some crap like that. Feel free to contribute, I just merged a suggestion post I found and added in some more.

- Just hang out around El Corona, smoke a blunt, drink & talk. Silence is lame.
- Get a van, RP a burglary at some unlocked house, then drive around and sell the stuff for profit.
- Sell drugs (which are given to you by a member of the gang - gain your respect).
- Roll dice, bet some money. Learn how to play Cee-Lo.
- Get the carjacker job, RP that you know a contact that wants diffrent type of cars and he'll pay you for it. So drive around with a couple of friends, they can keep a look out and so on.
- Hold a house party, get drunk/high/whatever.
- Eat! Your character is a human and they get hungry duh. Go out to Cluckin Bell, order a pizza etc.
- Go out and rob people, even though it can get on your nerves with the amount or idiots there is on LSRP (mostly for lower ranks to gain some cash).
- Street races (this can also possibly engage Akuji-Kai since they're into this kinda stuff. Plus there's a garage to work on cars).
- Carshows (lowriders).
- Tag walls around Verdant Bluffs (or anywhere you want).
- Barbeques.
- Rap battle.
- Card games (improvise Blackjack with a dice).
- Weight-lifting. Hit the gym you lazy fools.
- Dog fights.
- Get some outsider fag/a hoe to cook a dinner for the whole gang. Famillia por vida.
- Gang rape (..if your character is like that, only w/ permission! pervs).
- Tattoos.
- Pour one out for the dead homies.
- Music videos.
- Take a walk. You have legs, use em.
- Cook crack.

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